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company news about RFID is the "heart" of the Internet of Things

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Company News
RFID is the "heart" of the Internet of Things

In recent years, with the rise of the Internet of Things market, the application of RFID in the Internet of Things industry has once again set off the use of new RFID products. In 2014, the scale of the Internet of Things industry exceeded 800 billion yuan, with a compound annual growth rate of over 28%. The RFID industry has a scale of more than 30 billion yuan. Moreover, RFID technology is developing rapidly, and its application and fields are becoming more and more extensive. As the most critical technology for the development of the Internet of Things, the full application of various RFID devices in the Internet of Things has enabled the RFID application market to expand.

According to IDTechEx company CEaghuDas, as of 2014, approximately 7.5 billion digitally encoded RFID tags were sold worldwide. At the last RAINRFID industry alliance, DasZ pointed out that the RFID market is expected to reach $9.5 billion in 2015, including active RFID and real-time location (RTLS) technology. Passive RFID services, networks, software. RFID anti-metal magnetic separator and so on.

According to experts, the current RFID market in China has three major characteristics. High-profit government-led projects will shift to market-led projects, and the RFID market is changing the global label production landscape. HF applications are mature and UHF applications are growing rapidly.

According to the G3 comprehensive report: the development of RFID in China has received strong support from the government. In fact, the domestic RFID market can be divided into two types: one is government-led and the other is market-oriented. Companies such as Aerospace Information, Shanghai Zhongka, and Beijing Zhongdian Huada focus on government projects and are deeply influenced by government support. The companies such as Yuanwang Valley, Yangzhou Yongdao and Zhongrui Sitron are mainly market-oriented. Less affected by the government. Government-led companies focus on government projects, and profits are more substantial. Market-oriented companies face more market competition, especially label packaging. Due to the increasing number of inlay production plants in the country, the demand for equipment in the domestic market is strong. The annual productivity of RFID tags in China has reached 6 billion in 2014, accounting for more than 85% of the global RFID tag production capacity.

With the continuous development of RFID, the related industries have also developed rapidly. Interestingly, Jimei University's Chengyi College Library is the first library in China to deploy RFID systems. It was officially used in February 2006. This is a milestone in the application of RFID in Chinese libraries, and its significance is far-reaching. The widespread use of RFID technology has led to the rapid development of RFID anti-metal magnetic separators. The magnetic isolation sheet manufacturers are on the lookout, focusing on the research and production of magnetic absorbing materials.

RFID technology is rapidly spreading in China, and the advantages of technology itself make it have broad application prospects and huge market potential. It can be said that the "heart" of RFID technology will promote the better and faster development of the Internet of Things, and the Internet of Things will also take care of its precious "heart".

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